Entry: people are strange when you're a stranger Saturday, October 29, 2005

i found means to do some thinking lately. it happens especially if you're bored with life and you have nothing but two cans of beer in your little refrigerator and some shitty shows on the television. you'll just decide to lie down and stare at the wall for hours. then, when it's there, it's there...the burst of thoughts going easy on you.

my life so far is a blast of shits. no achievements. no, nothing. i kept thinking that maybe i was born for a phlegmatic life.

i scribbled some shits last night: (people, go easy on me on this one oyat?)

it was the silence of night
that destroyed me. unwanting,
unsure, it's there before me. not
the bangling of my metal chandeliers
not even the strike of my
neighbors clubfoot. it was him--
the silence that killed my peace.



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